Roland JX8p SYX to Roland JX10 / MKS70 converter

There are many patches syx files around for the Roland JX8p. But few for the Roland JX-10(SE) and Roland MKS70. The fact that JX10 and MKS70 are sharing the synth-core with JX8p (The JX-10 and MKS70 contains two JX8ps) made me think why cannot these JX8p syx be converted to JX10 and MKS70 tones?

The answer is here, a JX8p to JX10 tone converter.

Its running under Linux (Ubuntu) and accept JX8p tone dumps as input and makes a syx for the JX10 / MKS70 as output. The output syx is base on induvidial parameter set command. A transmit of the SYX file set the Lower tone to the JX8p sound. If you like the sound you may store it manually into your JX10 / MKS70.

The MIDI channel in the output SYX is set to 1.

How it works
Rename the JX8p syx file to jx8p.syx
Run the application jx8p to jx10 and the jx8p sounds will appear as induvidual files with the JX8p tone name as add to the filename.


Important JX10 notice
The syx files will only be recognized by JX10 with upgraded prom.
Colin Frasers JX10 prom upgrade.

A big thanks to Colin Fraser!